The Beautiful Ugly Thoughts Project, Week 1

By Anthony / On / In Uncategorized

Ugly thoughts. Painful feelings. Negative inner monologues. We all have them. We all avoid them. Especially these days, when distractions are readily available, almost anytime.

Beautiful Ugly Thoughts 1

Initially, the concept behind this project was an attempt to spend some time with my dark side and negative thoughts, rather than avoid them or distract myself from them. My first inclination was to actually draw those thoughts and feelings exactly as they were: ugly and distasteful. But then, it occurred to me that I should try to push myself creatively, to represent the dark things in my brain with joy and charm instead.

I found that not only did the challenge inspire me, but several surprising things happened:

It was easier to sit with these uncomfortable things in my mind. By transforming them into fun designs and drawings, it was easier to accept them as a part of me.

Their strength and painfulness was greatly diminished. By turning them on their heads, I was able to remove some of their power.

It made it easier to want to share them. We all have thoughts like these, if not exactly like them, then similar to them. Dressed up in psychic drag, these ideas that made me uncomfortable became something weird and charming.

I’ll be posting about one of these a week from here on out. Feel free to share (with credit, naturally).